Matt Cross, Future DDS

Hey there! I was considering whether or not to remain anonymous and decided not to. So, to introduce myself, my name is Matt Cross.  I am a first-year dental student at the University of Utah and I am learning  A LOT. I’m not just learning about the occlusion and anatomy of the teeth, but in my spare time (which is hard to find while taking 31 credits,) I am learning about finances, business, investing, real estate, anything money related, I am trying to learn it better.

I remember when I was home during my gap year that my dad told me that I should have gone into financing.  The reason why he told me this is because he always saw me reading some sort of financial book during that time. Honestly, I have never been big on reading books. EVER.  Ask any of my friends they will tell you that I don’t like to read. I’d much rather watch a movie or play board games before reading a book.

But during my time at home before beginning dental school, I started reading books about investing, money management, debt, taxes, etc.  It was so foreign and shocking for my family to see me read a book. Then to put the cherry on top, the books were about finances! But you know what the best part about all of this is?

I found out that I freaking love to learn about finances.

So Why Make A Blog?

Well, there are three big reasons why I started a blog. The first one is kinda selfish. I believe the best way to understand a material is to teach it.  If you can’t teach it that means you do not understand it well enough. So I wanted to solidify my knowledge by writing/teaching about it and see where I was lacking in my understanding. It’s great, it makes me research the topic even more than I would have when I am writing a post.

Then the second reason as to why I started a financial blog is because I found myself trying to find any excuse to talk about finances. Also, I am always answering my colleague’s questions… the questions about finances, not about Biochemistry. So to answer the questions of my colleague’s as a whole, and not having to explain the same response multiple times, I decide to write a blog!

The third point is to help those that are going into a health care profession understand what to do with their money before they receive that first big paycheck.  Doctors are a huge target for many financial professionals simply because most physicians have a tendency to be financially illiterate.  This allows financial professionals to take advantage of us and our money. You do not want to be taken advantage of, especially when it comes to your hard earned money. I want to help future docs become financially savvy and avoid being misused by selfish financial planners.

The Hope

I hope that you will find my posts to be resourceful and enjoyable to read.  I hope that you will become financially savvy before you receive your licenses to practice. I hope you will join me and communicate with me during this journey of obtaining a financial knowledge. By gaining this knowledge I hope you won’t have the stress of money and be able to achieve the other goals that you have set.  I hope to have you help me and in return, I hope to help you.



If you wish to contact me, my contact information can be found on my Contact Me page.

[If you haven’t already I kinda made a post (my first one) to talk about my goals as a blogger, click Here to read it, you know, if you’d like to read that. It’s not the greatest post but hey, it gets my idea out there.]