Tooth Fairy Tuesday 02/06/2018

Tooth Fairy Tuesday is a collection of posts that I find valuable from other bloggers. There is so much information out there and I Know I cannot write about it all.  So instead of me writing about every single financial topic that would be important for us docs (I’m still going to try), I’m going to feature other posts from other bloggers.

These posts will be random but focus on financial topics. They could be the most recent post from the blogger or it could be an old one that they have posted years prior. I’m going to attempt to do this every other week. But we shall see what happens with blogging and school.

I can guarantee that these posts will be much more valuable than the tooth under the pillow.

5 Posts Worth More Than 5 Teeth

When DocG posted that he no longer reads PF books I initially thought “well that is silly”. But then after I read his post he makes some pretty good points as to – Why I No Longer Read Personal Finance Books  

Drcorysfawcett mentions that there is a statement that docs must learn. I would mention what it is but that would ruin the fun of reading this post! – The One Statement Every Doctor Must Learn

The White Coat Investor gives his 2 cents (maybe I should say 10) about why he invests in Index Funds. I must say his points are very vailed! You don’t have to beat the market to become wealthy, so why not match it? – 10 Reasons I Invest In Index Funds

As some of you may know I am a firm believer that we are creatures of habit. Spillsspot mentions some good habits you need to be working on. – Build Good Habits, Don’t Rely on Willpower  

Patience is key. It is something I need to work on a little bit. My wife is always telling me patience… patience you need patience. So this was a good post for me. – Patience, by Duke of Dollars  

Tooth Fairy Tip

Try to brush your teeth 2 times a day (do it at least once). It doesn’t have to be after meals, just try to brush your teeth once in the morning and once before bed! Your teeth will thank you!  Oh!   Don’t forget to floss!

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