Tooth Fairy Tuesday

Tooth Fairy Tuesday will be a collection of posts that I find valuable from other bloggers. There is so much information out there and I Know I cannot write about it all.  So instead of me writing about every single financial topic that would be important for us docs (I’m still going to try), I’m going to feature other posts from other bloggers.

These posts will be random but focus on financial topics. They could be the most recent post from the blogger or it could be an old one that they have posted years prior. I’m going to attempt to do this every other week. But we shall see what happens with blogging and school.

I can guarantee that these posts will be much more valuable than the tooth under the pillow.

5 Posts Worth More Than 5 Teeth

The Millionaire Doc talks about the best medicine and no it isn’t laughter. We work very hard and deserve a break. So, plan that vacation it’s actually good for you! – Don’t Be A Work Martyr – Take That Vacation

I am a fan of Ramen Noodles. They are EXTREMELY CHEAP and makes for a quick simple meal. I actually have my locker full of Cup of Noodles which are just for an emergency (which means I was rushed and didn’t make a lunch). This way I don’t have to buy a lunch. Find out why Frugal Asian Finance likes these cheap noodles – 3 Reasons Why I Love Instant Noodles

It is so easy to follow the crowd and have a FOMO (feeling of missing out). However, if you can overcome this feeling “it is usually very profitable to avoid doing what everyone else is doing” See how Mr. Money Mustchace addresses this issue. – A Peak Life is Lived Off-Peak

The Physician on FIRE features Passive Income MD on his Saturday selection.  The doc talks about using passive income from rental properties to pay his student loans. –  Paying Off Student Loans With Passive Income

If you haven’t learned how to say No you better start learning to do so. Some of the most successful people in life are where they are now because they learned to say no rather than yes. The Wealthy Doc gives some ideas on how to say No. Do You Know How To Say No?

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