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Welcome to A Financial Savvy Doc! I’m excited that you have found this website. There isn’t a lot of information yet… but I do plan on changing that as time goes by! This site is to help you better understand finances, so that it doesn’t sound like a foreign language. Thanks again for checking this blog out! You wont regret it!


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I’ve Made How Much From Bitcoin?!

Ok, I’m making this post for all those that wanted it… so be happy. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are exploding all over social media, it’s a hype; it is a bubble, …

IRA And Why It Is Important

What To Do With Your Old 401k


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The Elephant In The Room

“That is ridiculous!” “I’m so sorry.” “That simply doesn’t make any sense!”  “That’s more than medical school!” “You have to do the military! There is no other way.” “Why is it that …

HPSP Is It For Me?